Baseline Insomnia Show

My time is up later this evening, but this first little show of mine at the Baseline Insomnia has been a fantastic experience. I had a lot of fun putting up my art and arranging it all in a narrative as well as creating the cards to go along with the images. Throughout the month I had to restock my enamel pins multiple times and I'm really finally almost out! Also almost out of coloring books too now, and Undisturbed went to a new home! 

I'm going to donate some of these unsold framed pieces to auctions supporting local organizations I really care about, but the rest I'll be moving into the online shop here and on Etsy. 

If you have any other places that you think I should contact about showing my art, let me know

So what's next for me? Definitely going to make more pins and more original art! Get ready for another pin Kickstarter, hopefully I'll open that up sometime in April so that the pins can all be ready for shipping out by early June. 

Would love to get into laser cutting wood projects, but currently the nearby options don't seem to make that economically feasible. If anyone's got access to a laser cutter and would like to chat also would really look forward to that email.

And finally thank you so much to everyone who's liked my work while it was up at Insomnia! Unfortunately they have a policy that I can't show again there for another year, but hopefully I'll find another space again soon. It really has been a very fun month and I'm really happy that I finally got my art into the world.